Relationship Secrets Giving Space

Starting a relationship gives you someone to talk to; someone you can lean on when in times of trials; someone you can share your dreams with, and someone you can spend the rest of our life with.

A relationship is made up of two individuals who share the same hopes and dreams; a couple who fills up their own individual gaps with individual strengths and weaknesses. Building up a relationship requires tandem effort, and it eats up a lot of tandem effort. Maintaining a relationship needs not two individuals but only one vision made up by two unified, loving minds.

But after all is said and done, a relationship still ends up with two individuals with diverse lives and diverse characteristics. An individual’s needs are still different from another individual’s needs. Despite the closeness of a couple in a relationship, space is still needed for them to breathe and live as individuals with diverse needs and characteristics.

First of all, before you get into a relationship, you should have already established a lifestyle and characteristics that you cannot just leave behind and forget once you have committed yourself into loving someone. That someone also had a life of his or her own before you met him or her and he or she can’t just leave that life all at once just for the sake of getting into a relationship. What both individuals should do is give each other some space to still live their lives and do other things that were around them before they committed themselves to the relationship.

Space is a vital part of relationship’s maintaining power. Lack of space might lead to the suffocation of the individual; and a little after that, the death of the relationship.

Space is given for the individual who is in a relationship to still do things on his or her own; what clothes to wear, who to hang out with. Individual decisions should not be done by a couple, they should be done individually. Most relationships are subjected to bad endings because the individuals in a relationship tend to step on each other’s lives and tries to control them because they don’t like it; they end up deciding what should the other do, the other ends up becoming a slave, and the relationship is bound to fall off at any given time.

Space is also important for the privacy of an individual in a relationship. Privacy is also the main reason why relationships tend to get out of hand. It is important to remember that individual privacy is entirely different from the privacy within a relationship even though both are really important elements. Individual privacy is more of a person’s own space; a sanctuary within himself or herself; it is where he or she ponders on the things he or she has accomplished in life as an individual.

Space, along with enough time is also required for a relationship to strengthen itself up to an unbreakable extent wherein the individuals in that relationship are happy being together and are also happy being individuals who have their own breathing and thinking space.