7 Signs Your Relationship Reaches Level Relationship Goals

relationship photoWhat’s your relationship goals? Want to look like A or B celebs that look good in magazines, or like your friends who often upload intimate pictures with their partner on social media? Be careful, what looks is not always the same as the real condition. A relationship can be called achieving relationship goals, when the relationship is stable and there is a strong connection between you and your partner, that is far more important than what you post on your Facebook or Instagram. Here are 7 signs that show your relationship and your partner is on the right relationship goals line, as quoted from Gurl.com.

1. When you call your partner and the phone dies, you are not paranoid. Indeed the level of infidelity today is very high, dead phones can be something suspicious. However, once you build trust, you no longer need to waste time thinking about such trivial things, why couples do not pick up your phone, have incoming text messages from whom, and so on.

2. You or your spouse must be out of town for a few days and there is nothing to worry about from your relationship. Although you and your spouse are apart distance and should bite the fingers to hold the longing, but that is not the end of the world. In fact, always together and have a level of dependence is too high with a partner is not very good. Once in a while, it is important to have your own space and give space to your partner.

3. Fight without having to feel the connection to the end of the horn. At the beginning of the course, it is only natural that a couple fighting each other can mean leading to a break in a matter of days. However, once the relationship is established some time, no longer need to worry if broke up to fight. Arguing arguments in relationships is normal. Instead, harboring discontent in order to avoid confrontation, that’s unhealthy.

4. Free walk with friends without having to worry about being bombarded by the phone and Whatsapp from the couple asking for your whereabouts. Ever hear, listen to friends, who each time hang out alone without a partner, bombarded with SMS or text messages asking, “Which way is the same?”; “Until what time?”; “Must be, yes?” And so on. Not really good, right?

5. Not anxious to leave your phone lying just like when near the couple. You know, it’s impossible to check your phone. From Whatsapp, SMS, Facebook, and more, just for suspecting you cheated or not.

6. Free express opinion about the good looks or beauty of others, without feeling jealous. Did you know, interest in the physical person can disappear after the invention. If the couple says your friend is cute, and you do not feel threatened, then your relationship is solid.

7. Care each other when one gets sick. Your relationship can already be called to reach the level of relationship goals when the couple want to give up their preoccupation to take care of you, when you are lying sick, and vice versa.