Recognize 7 Signs of Toxic Relationship, Before Going Further

broken relationship photoThe existence of a compromise in relationships is common. Bargaining between couples must be done agara anything that wanted both parties can be realized and nobody felt harmed. Another story if only one of the parties whose wish is realized by way of forcing the other party.

Once in a while and for very simple things, that’s normal. But if it continues like that, do not take it as usual anymore, because it is a sign that your relationship is not healthy. Some try to dominate, some feel superior, very contrary to the principle of relationship that should be played by both parties with a balanced.

If there is one party that is trying to dominate and it is allowed to continue, it is certain that the direction of the relationship is next; toxic relationship. And if the relationship is contaminated with the toxicity of the keposesifan, it would be hard to change it back to normal. So, do not let the negative signs continue to happen if you do not want your relationship so toxic relationship.

1. He begins to show absurd jealousy

You play with your boyfriend jealousy when it’s busy, which is obviously the same friendship you are envied, even the same thing is also jealous. Actually, you want to play with anyone, if not with him; That is wrong.

2. He wants you to be with him
At school, at home, playing outdoors, ngelakuin hobby, just have to together. If you need to take care of something important, you should follow him. If you have an event, you must batalin for him. If you get away, he’ll be busy asking for proof photos, video calls, etc.

3. Whatever keeps you apart, there can not be
You can not do your hobbies, you should not fall asleep if you’re chatting, you can not hang out with friends, you can not have any boyfriend’s contacts, it’s okay to allow you to have a life other than with him.

4. He’s/She’s trying to control you
Normally, this kind of boyfriend feels that he knows what’s best for you, or because there’s a gap in you that lets him in, fill in, and bring him up as a favor to you.

5. He is not reluctant to vent his anger to you
Rough words and even a rough attitude often you receive every there is anything that does not go according to his wishes.

6. Even your friends get sap
Not only you, your close friends will also get harsh words and rude behavior. He does not hesitate to show it if you appear to defend them in front of him.

7. He always looks down on you
He says love, but he does not treat you lovingly. There he always humbles you.

8. He makes you feel worthless
So often misused, accused of being responsible for the chaos that happened, in the end you feel what he is talking about is true. You are the cause, you are not worth it. Though not so, you just again kemakan manipulasinya. Imagine how toxic this relationship is? Do not tolerate if your girlfriend shows the things mentioned above, or your relationship will make your life as hell.