Now Rented to Public Bill Gates Location Married

Lanai Island photo
Photo by Eric Tessmer, Honolulu Hawaii

Being the person on the Forbes magazine’s richest list of people can certainly enjoy many amazing things in the world. For Microsoft founder Bill Gates, one of them is able to do weddings in places with spectacular views.

Bill and his partner, Melinda, married in 1994 on Lanai Island, Hawaii. Its specific location is the golf course at Four Seasons Resort Lanai with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

However, launching the Travel and Leisure page on Thursday (17/11/17), the resort now officially serves wedding services on the golf course and any couple can hire him to celebrate their happy day.

Lanai Island, Hawaii

The golf course area reserved for wedding venues is the 12th hole area. This area is suitable for you who want private party atmosphere because its capacity only for 50 people.

If you rent the venue, a new wedding party can start at 4 pm because the previous area is used for people playing golf.

This golf course overlooks Hulopoe Bay. You can see the dolphins swimming while jumping in these waters. By having a party in this place, your guests will surely be spoiled with stunning views. Dinner at your party will be special with the beauty of the stars in the sky.

The price offered to rent the venue starts from 10,000 US dollars.

How? Are you interested in having a wedding party where Bill Gates is married?