The first date

1. Be decisive

No shake off lines like, “Well, I do not know, what do you think?” Or “up to you” constantly.

This does not mean that you have to make all decisions just in your favor to have some intervention. In other words, if you offer several options where to go, choose one of them. This saves both of awkward moments.

2. did gracefully with bill

When the bill arrived wait to reach for it.

Once this happens, reach for your purse / wallet until you say, “Leave me” (then say “thank you” and let him fix it). If you do not offer to pay, divide their January Forbid you reply “Let’s split the bill” because it as nothing will think you really mean it.

3. Wait for it then they seek

Is it fair? No. But after the first meeting is better to resist the temptation to his drasnesh one sms how fun and leave the initiative to come from him.

If he enjoyed, he will surely find a way to contact you. If you do not call, accept the bitter truth – just not fun. Not having to miss her future husband as let him make the first move.

4. Dress appropriately

Perhaps you think “First meeting! I should look brilliant! “.

But if you wear a little black dress to the movies or in a casual pizzeria will look in place and would not make you fit. And so it will be uncomfortable. Better change your clothes as agreed. Men find chicks that are not pretentious and can play everywhere, on top look good, fit to wear the title of “their friend”.

5. No sex

Well, you and have sex, just do not expect then your relationship to grow in the relationship.

This, of course, does not mean you certainly will not happen, but sex on a first date can drastically reduce your chances because it can make him think that you are not looking for something serious. Oh, one more thing! Please do not betray it, they warned that we miss sex. Men will kill us!

6. Food is like a normal person

If you order a half salad and then eat half of it, he will think you’re weak and beautiful.

He’ll think you’re weird. Better eat some as usual. Men actually like it when a woman eats with gusto. This gives it a sign that can and in the same bed.

7. Tell him about yourself

Do not just ask him questions all night.

Tell him something fun, be open (to measure) for himself, jokingly. No matter how beautiful, what will make him call you back is if you really have fun while just sit and chat with you.