Now Rented to Public Bill Gates Location Married

Lanai Island photo
Photo by Eric Tessmer, Honolulu Hawaii

Being the person on the Forbes magazine’s richest list of people can certainly enjoy many amazing things in the world. For Microsoft founder Bill Gates, one of them is able to do weddings in places with spectacular views.

Bill and his partner, Melinda, married in 1994 on Lanai Island, Hawaii. Its specific location is the golf course at Four Seasons Resort Lanai with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

However, launching the Travel and Leisure page on Thursday (17/11/17), the resort now officially serves wedding services on the golf course and any couple can hire him to celebrate their happy day.

Lanai Island, Hawaii

The golf course area reserved for wedding venues is the 12th hole area. This area is suitable for you who want private party atmosphere because its capacity only for 50 people.

If you rent the venue, a new wedding party can start at 4 pm because the previous area is used for people playing golf.

This golf course overlooks Hulopoe Bay. You can see the dolphins swimming while jumping in these waters. By having a party in this place, your guests will surely be spoiled with stunning views. Dinner at your party will be special with the beauty of the stars in the sky.

The price offered to rent the venue starts from 10,000 US dollars.

How? Are you interested in having a wedding party where Bill Gates is married?

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Recognize 7 Signs of Toxic Relationship, Before Going Further

broken relationship photoThe existence of a compromise in relationships is common. Bargaining between couples must be done agara anything that wanted both parties can be realized and nobody felt harmed. Another story if only one of the parties whose wish is realized by way of forcing the other party.

Once in a while and for very simple things, that’s normal. But if it continues like that, do not take it as usual anymore, because it is a sign that your relationship is not healthy. Some try to dominate, some feel superior, very contrary to the principle of relationship that should be played by both parties with a balanced.

If there is one party that is trying to dominate and it is allowed to continue, it is certain that the direction of the relationship is next; toxic relationship. And if the relationship is contaminated with the toxicity of the keposesifan, it would be hard to change it back to normal. So, do not let the negative signs continue to happen if you do not want your relationship so toxic relationship.

1. He begins to show absurd jealousy

You play with your boyfriend jealousy when it’s busy, which is obviously the same friendship you are envied, even the same thing is also jealous. Actually, you want to play with anyone, if not with him; That is wrong.

2. He wants you to be with him
At school, at home, playing outdoors, ngelakuin hobby, just have to together. If you need to take care of something important, you should follow him. If you have an event, you must batalin for him. If you get away, he’ll be busy asking for proof photos, video calls, etc.

3. Whatever keeps you apart, there can not be
You can not do your hobbies, you should not fall asleep if you’re chatting, you can not hang out with friends, you can not have any boyfriend’s contacts, it’s okay to allow you to have a life other than with him.

4. He’s/She’s trying to control you
Normally, this kind of boyfriend feels that he knows what’s best for you, or because there’s a gap in you that lets him in, fill in, and bring him up as a favor to you.

5. He is not reluctant to vent his anger to you
Rough words and even a rough attitude often you receive every there is anything that does not go according to his wishes.

6. Even your friends get sap
Not only you, your close friends will also get harsh words and rude behavior. He does not hesitate to show it if you appear to defend them in front of him.

7. He always looks down on you
He says love, but he does not treat you lovingly. There he always humbles you.

8. He makes you feel worthless
So often misused, accused of being responsible for the chaos that happened, in the end you feel what he is talking about is true. You are the cause, you are not worth it. Though not so, you just again kemakan manipulasinya. Imagine how toxic this relationship is? Do not tolerate if your girlfriend shows the things mentioned above, or your relationship will make your life as hell.

7 Signs Your Relationship Reaches Level Relationship Goals

relationship photoWhat’s your relationship goals? Want to look like A or B celebs that look good in magazines, or like your friends who often upload intimate pictures with their partner on social media? Be careful, what looks is not always the same as the real condition. A relationship can be called achieving relationship goals, when the relationship is stable and there is a strong connection between you and your partner, that is far more important than what you post on your Facebook or Instagram. Here are 7 signs that show your relationship and your partner is on the right relationship goals line, as quoted from

1. When you call your partner and the phone dies, you are not paranoid. Indeed the level of infidelity today is very high, dead phones can be something suspicious. However, once you build trust, you no longer need to waste time thinking about such trivial things, why couples do not pick up your phone, have incoming text messages from whom, and so on.

2. You or your spouse must be out of town for a few days and there is nothing to worry about from your relationship. Although you and your spouse are apart distance and should bite the fingers to hold the longing, but that is not the end of the world. In fact, always together and have a level of dependence is too high with a partner is not very good. Once in a while, it is important to have your own space and give space to your partner.

3. Fight without having to feel the connection to the end of the horn. At the beginning of the course, it is only natural that a couple fighting each other can mean leading to a break in a matter of days. However, once the relationship is established some time, no longer need to worry if broke up to fight. Arguing arguments in relationships is normal. Instead, harboring discontent in order to avoid confrontation, that’s unhealthy.

4. Free walk with friends without having to worry about being bombarded by the phone and Whatsapp from the couple asking for your whereabouts. Ever hear, listen to friends, who each time hang out alone without a partner, bombarded with SMS or text messages asking, “Which way is the same?”; “Until what time?”; “Must be, yes?” And so on. Not really good, right?

5. Not anxious to leave your phone lying just like when near the couple. You know, it’s impossible to check your phone. From Whatsapp, SMS, Facebook, and more, just for suspecting you cheated or not.

6. Free express opinion about the good looks or beauty of others, without feeling jealous. Did you know, interest in the physical person can disappear after the invention. If the couple says your friend is cute, and you do not feel threatened, then your relationship is solid.

7. Care each other when one gets sick. Your relationship can already be called to reach the level of relationship goals when the couple want to give up their preoccupation to take care of you, when you are lying sick, and vice versa.

Love Is Not Just A Feeling

Often times, enamored people describe themselves as being in love. But what does this mean? Some equate love with the tingles one feels when in their significant others presence. Others describe it as a longing to make another happy, at any cost necessary. Still others find it to be an undeniable attraction to another person. While these answers are all pleasant to hear, they are all based solely on emotions, unlike unconditional love. Real love is a decision, regardless of circumstances.

Emotions are a great feat of the electrical human computer called the brain. They can be pleasant or painful, and in either case they are based on, and allow us to cope with, our circumstances. The problem with the aforementioned definitions of love is that they are based on these feelings, which are based on circumstances. Many times, one loves another because of a pleasant feeling they get from their presence.

But what happens when two people in a relationship have a disagreement? Disagreements and disputes foster negative feelings, however temporary, that usually do not create the warm and fuzzy feeling of love. Basing love on positive feelings means that during times of disagreement, love is not present. This is not unconditional; it is no real love. Basing any kind of significant feeling or decision on any kind of emotion is foolish, because circumstances change.

Instead, real unconditional love takes a conscientious decision. One must decide that no matter what, they will commit to being honest, caring, and making the best of the relationship with the other. This includes through the good times and the bad.

It is important to note that bad times are inevitable, as humans naturally disagree with each other. Real lovers commit themselves to acting out of love regardless of circumstances. This way, the relationship is not threatened whenever a dispute arises. Love is not a feeling; it is a commitment.

If everyone would grasp the concept of love being a commitment instead of a feeling, many of the relationships would last longer. People would be committed to making the relationship work even when the warm feelings are not present, even when they are disappointed or hurt.

This concept applies to marital relationships, friendships, and even relationships between parents and children. This concept ensures that each person does what is best for the other person and for the relationship as a whole, no matter what. Make the decision to commit to loving, regardless of circumstances, today. Your relationships in the future will be stronger and last much longer.

Relationship Secrets Giving Space

Starting a relationship gives you someone to talk to; someone you can lean on when in times of trials; someone you can share your dreams with, and someone you can spend the rest of our life with.

A relationship is made up of two individuals who share the same hopes and dreams; a couple who fills up their own individual gaps with individual strengths and weaknesses. Building up a relationship requires tandem effort, and it eats up a lot of tandem effort. Maintaining a relationship needs not two individuals but only one vision made up by two unified, loving minds.

But after all is said and done, a relationship still ends up with two individuals with diverse lives and diverse characteristics. An individual’s needs are still different from another individual’s needs. Despite the closeness of a couple in a relationship, space is still needed for them to breathe and live as individuals with diverse needs and characteristics.

First of all, before you get into a relationship, you should have already established a lifestyle and characteristics that you cannot just leave behind and forget once you have committed yourself into loving someone. That someone also had a life of his or her own before you met him or her and he or she can’t just leave that life all at once just for the sake of getting into a relationship. What both individuals should do is give each other some space to still live their lives and do other things that were around them before they committed themselves to the relationship.

Space is a vital part of relationship’s maintaining power. Lack of space might lead to the suffocation of the individual; and a little after that, the death of the relationship.

Space is given for the individual who is in a relationship to still do things on his or her own; what clothes to wear, who to hang out with. Individual decisions should not be done by a couple, they should be done individually. Most relationships are subjected to bad endings because the individuals in a relationship tend to step on each other’s lives and tries to control them because they don’t like it; they end up deciding what should the other do, the other ends up becoming a slave, and the relationship is bound to fall off at any given time.

Space is also important for the privacy of an individual in a relationship. Privacy is also the main reason why relationships tend to get out of hand. It is important to remember that individual privacy is entirely different from the privacy within a relationship even though both are really important elements. Individual privacy is more of a person’s own space; a sanctuary within himself or herself; it is where he or she ponders on the things he or she has accomplished in life as an individual.

Space, along with enough time is also required for a relationship to strengthen itself up to an unbreakable extent wherein the individuals in that relationship are happy being together and are also happy being individuals who have their own breathing and thinking space.